Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Gratitude is an amazing virtue. The sad thing about virtues is that the words are far too often overused. This results in a "glance over" of some of life's most important lessons. Gratitude is one of them. Here are some simple principles related to gratitude.

1- Grateful hearts are happy hearts. Taking a moment to be grateful for your blessings makes you happy.
2- Gratitude keeps you humble. Usually humility is seen as a weakness. But humility is the antithesis of arrogance, and pride. Humility doesn't mean "poor." In fact, humility is what brings our lives and the lives of others into perspective. The richest man in the world could be humble and greater because of it, when he is grateful.
3- Gratitude is the key to effective prayers. Never forget that.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


I saw the beautiful thing again today. Why does it insist on following me?

Recent Insights

I have made a few realizations about myself.

1) I always assume that people are thinking the worst of me. Always. How awful is that? Who wants to go around always on the defensive and protective, and hurt? I really think my life would be much better if I could learn to change this habit.

At first, I thought this was an “it takes one to know one” sort of situation. Perhaps I thought others were thinking badly of me, because I was thinking badly of them. But I have been listening to my thoughts a lot, and I really don’t believe that I do that. I think 9.46 times out of 10 I give people the benefit of the doubt. I am sure this must be a self-esteem issue.

2) I am looking for an answer I am not going to find. I feel frustrated, like I am hitting the same problem over and over again. It is kind of like the car troubles Zach was having. No matter how many different things I try to fix, it is still not giving me the results I want. It is frustrating, and draining. It is time for me to make the answer for myself, and start looking for new questions.

And yet… I am…..still……

3) I hate looking at beautiful things I can’t have. This is not a good thing. The reason I hate seeing it, is because I am jealous. Not "angry jealous" but "sorry for myself jealous" I should learn to be happy for others, and I really feel like I usually can be, but I think I could do better. If I could learn to rejoice for the successes and beauty of others lives I would be happier, more grateful and more appreciative for what it is that I have.

But I have to admit…. I saw something so beautiful two days ago. It makes me heartsick to think I won’t have it. I can’t stop thinking about it!

4) I am pretty sure that the florescent lights at work are sucking the life out of me. Not really sure what to do about that. Good thing I spend most of my time in the FAB where curiosity and learning restore the life. I love my job!

I am glad to finally post this. I have had it waiting for quite some time.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Emotions drive me crazy. Today was a bizarre day. I feel like I spent the majority of the day serving and working. In other words, I tried yesterday and today to be particularly accommodating and helpful, and do what I should. However, I had these bursts of impatience. I am not sure where they came from! I am somewhat worried about it. I did not feel myself. All I want is to be happy....... I could be anger. I feel a little bit of anger, and I feel like it is coming out on everyone else........nah.......

This week has taught me a lot. If you are not moving forward, you are most definitely moving backward. There is no stand still. This is why daily habits are so important. (Scriptures, prayer, cleaning, all of them) Also, it seems that I need to be reminded every other day, Where is my focus? It is eternal? Is is short lived? Where am I looking at the "grand scheme of things." Somehow it seems that I am always looking as just the next day. Not even to the next week......

Also, I learned about taxes. I don't even want to talk about it.

I also know, after this week, some things in my life HAVE to change. Change is hard to believe in... I think that more often than not, it seems like change does not even exsist. Sometimes big things happen and it feels like nothing will ever be the same, and somehow.... it is! But I cant live like this, and I am going to work on a couple small habits, with a little faith, and hope...... and that is it.