Friday, July 16, 2010

Growing up......

I started a new job this week! I am so glad that it is Friday! My feet hurt so bad, and I am so tired! But I LOVE IT! I really don’t have a clue how that happened! As a Process Engineer for EVGroup (a Semiconductor Manufacturer) I will spend most of my day in a clean room, possessing wafers. I get the opportunity to travel and I work with great people. So far the work seems to be reasonable, and the time passes really quickly because I am so busy with my hands! I am incredibly happy to be part of this organization.

I hope that I can go to work with this attitude every day. I had a friend once, who never complained about going to work, because she loved it! I have never forgotten what an amazing attitude that was, and because she worked at Target, I doubt it was the company that made it that way, but her own choices!

Still haven’t gotten my paycheck yet though……sure looking forward to that……


Saturday, July 10, 2010


I met an Australian couple on a cruise, and the wife called cheesy novels "chewing gum for the mind." I was reading some of this chewing gum and realized something.

I wish my life was a storybook.

Decisions made in storybooks are so much easier than our decisions. Don't people realize that? Should the brother risk his life to fight in the war? YES! what a noble cause! What a hero he will surely be! Should the girl break up with her jerk of a boyfriend? Yes! Who could possibly love such an awful person! Should the main character risk loosing everything for a lover? YES! dont they realize how rare true love is?

But life is not like that.

Decisions are much harder.

The brother leaves behind a broken mother and father, and broken dreams, and comes home broken.
The girl's boyfriend is really a true sweetheart, who can just be a little nearsighted and impatient at times, and his heart is left broken.
The true love is simply infatuation. It dies quickly.

This is why life is NOT like the stories I read.


Friday, July 2, 2010


Today as the hours were slowly, and yet not so slowly, creeping away from me; I was thinking about the relativity of time. It is amazing how when you are in an unpleasant situation time can screech on forever!

For example: when you are waiting. Waiting is perhaps one of the most unpleasant situations of life. Not horrific or unbearable but truly, gruelingly, achingly, agonizingly, second after second after second after second......unbearable. Hence my avid hate of bus stops, boring classes, and winter break.

Though on the other hand, those moments that are most important to us seem to slip from our fingers. It seems that we spend more time remembering and looking forward to these moments than we actually spend in those moments. Though it may be possible that this is only because the time passes so quickly.

Here is what I am realizing. Sometimes, we want to have an effect on the passage of time. We find small ways to accomplish this; movies, sleeping, breathing slowly, and hobbies. Though I am beginning to believe that time is always traveling fast. Always. What changes is our own grasp on the time. How well we are taking advantage of the time that we are given.

My time should be more valuable to me. My grasp on time changes when my perspective changes from past, present, and future. My goal is to be more effective, and efficient.