Sunday, September 7, 2008

A long, long way from Miami to L.A.


I am sorry for my very long absence from the blog! It is kinda sad, but I have a hard time posting now, because my life isn't nearly as exciting. But the last few days I have felt SO much more alive and happy than I have in a while! I am doing school, and teaching 14 piano students, and I am SO busy, but nothing exciting is happening.

However, I did figure out that I have more friends at ASU than I thought I had! which is kind of a happy thing! Go figure, I have friends to sit, and walk with all the sudden, and I really like it! I have a new phone now, and I would love for people to call me, as I feel like a complete social hermit, and several of my friends proved it to me last night, and it is SO true!

I have a new goal though, I was driving to my family reunion (that's where the mud pictures below , are from) and I passed by these Cliff dwellings, and I wanted to stop and see them SO bad. I am going to go to the cliff dwelling this weekend or nest, anyone coming?