Sunday, April 11, 2010

Childhood Battles.

Life is Hard.

Capital H.

"that we might have Joy" ??????

I get this feeling sometimes. I feel confused. I don't know what the problems is, dispite the solution. I am trying to justify something I am not sure I was doing wrong, did I feel it was wrong only becasue outside influences, or because of an honest belief? Am I causing this confusing dispite my best ability correct it? why are we all going in circles?

It took the Isrealites 40 years to walk a distance that should have taken months. It took Nephi eight years to travel a distance that should have taken about 1/3 of a year. What is the point? Where they going in circles to? They all still got there, but why do we hold ourselves back? Why do we do this to ourselves?

I wont.

I am trying.

I am going to listen with "ears that hear, and hearts that feel."

The amazing thing about what I am trying to say, is that usually this situation knocks my life out for days, but I feel much more motivated than usual to do all that I can do. This comes from supportive freinds who TRUELY want what is best for me. Meaning, they try to make me more Christ-like, and better.? It is really true I have such amzing friends?