Sunday, February 14, 2010


I had a very interesting experience on Friday...... I had this rather large project for my Senior Design class. We were instructed to improve the CO2 emissions for any AZ power plant. I worked at a pace, that I thought was appropriate, however I still ended up with way too much work to finish it in time. Therefore, Thursday night, I began what I KNEW was going to be an all-nighter. As i worked, I got progressively more tired, til finally, I decided to make myself a pizza to help me stay awake, and as I put it in, I reasoned that with the timer, I could lie down for just a few mins...... 5 hours later, I woke up to one of the most horrible realities. I cried so hard. I wrote down what was the worst report of my life, and had my boyfriend drive me to school so I could continue to write.

Here is where it gets interesting. I start to get all the important stuff down, and I am thinking "I might finish, I won't pass but I might finish" which is what is important, because in this class, she lets you do a rewrite, as long as you finish, and turn in the first copy! Then, of course, the printer wont work. Literally. I see TWO other people come in and print out there stuff..... and mine wont print. Once again, I am crying.....begging, please! print please!

I ended up turning in half the report in, and I was SOBBING when i sat in my seat. All my friends were looking, but I could barely stifle my sobs as I tried to be busy with my backpack! I am not even sure why I cried! I get a rewrite!

My friend Meg told me, to not be so hard on myself, and recognize that this was not me, and I didn't usually let this happen. She also gave me some great advise for my rewrite!

My boyfriend listened to my sob story on the way home, then said "That's enough" and through on a couple of my favorite songs, and danced the most amazing dance of his life. I was cured by the time we got home. What an amazing guy.

The point is.....w o w...... WOW!

The end!