Thursday, September 23, 2010


It is so sad, but I have to admit that I have only survived this week because of copious doses of Excedrin. Though, I should admit that "copious" in Kara's dictionary actually means "to take the actual recomemded dosage on the back of the bottle."

I have pretty much had a constant headache, as a result of tension and lack of sleep. Though I will admit that for once, it is NOT a result of dehydration. Right now I feel like buzzzing around in small circles from the caffiene in my system. I am struggling to calmly sit at a desk and work. Though I am sure that my coworkers would love to see me running in tiny circles, sometimes office life is just not exciting enough.

The truth about today is that I have not found what I was looking for this week. I dont know the answers to my questions. I am still trying to decide what to do.

Is it wrong that we tell our sons and daughters stories of Princesses, Love, Happiness and Romance when most of them wont find it? Is it wrong to dream for something perfect? Or does it only cause dissapointment? How can we get what we want, if we dont dream for what we want? We have to dream! We have to believe that we can get it! BUT how can we be happy if all we do is dream for things we can't have?

I dont understnad.

Thank Goodness Excedrin

Kara Joy

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Darci Shumway Cole said...

There's a fine line here... being grateful for what we have, and dreaming of better things. I've often had the same conflict inside myself. The only thing that's helped me has been the scriptures, but by the sounds of it, you've been there quite a bit this week. All I can say is, if one reaches a spiritual plateau by consistently doing certain acts (i.e. scripture study, prayer, temple attendance etc.), the only way to move on is by making further changes in ones life (i.e. giving up certain music or movies, or 'friends' or places etc.) I don't know if that's what you need, but something that came to my mind :-)